Lanzarote Wine Run

A unique place where nature and wine coexist.

16th June 2024

Run, taste, and enjoy.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Embark on a unique experience at the Lanzarote Wine Run! Traverse the vineyards of La Geria while enjoying the perfect fusion of sports, gastronomy, and wine.

Join this adventure and experience the thrill of running in the heart of the island of Lanzarote!


Lanzarote Wine Run

TRACKS of races

The XII Lanzarote Wine Run to be held on Sunday 16th June will take place within the Wine Landscape of La Geria, which is why all participants must be aware of a series of guidelines to be taken into account:

  • Being aware that it is within a protected landscape, you should avoid throwing waste of any kind into the natural environment, disposing of them if necessary in the refreshment areas that will be along the route of the race, or in the finish area of the same.
  • The runner must follow the route duly marked by the organisers, without leaving the marked trails and paths. Likewise, you must avoid any type of action that may harm the nearby flora or fauna.
  • You should bear in mind that you are in an area that is rich in birdlife, so you should avoid making loud or strident noises, and the use of drones is forbidden, as these actions can be very harmful to these species.
  • Sharing this information with your companions will be of great help, so that everyone is aware of the fragile environment and can collaborate in its care, inviting their family and friends to enjoy the event from the nearest population areas.
12 Km


12 km


23 Km